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Batur Hiking Adventure

sun rising over mountain peak

Batur Hiking Adventure

Considered one of the sacred Balinese mountains, the 1,717 meters above sea level Mount Batur (the second highest peak in Bali) greets you with unobstructed panoramic views over the Eastern part of the Island. Along the early morning trekking tour, you will be accompanied by a local trekking guide while passing by dense tropical forests, before arriving in time to contemplate the glorious sunrise from atop the mountain followed by a rich and delectable breakfast.

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Scale one of the highest peaks on Bali

Trekking in the cool early morning darkness, you will arrive in time to catch the majestic sunrise and stunning panoramas surrounding the caldera. Enjoy your breakfast in "heaven" atop sacred Mt. Batur.

Location: Mt Batur
Duration: 7 hours
Half day experience
Breakfast included in the experience
Schedule: 02:30 - 09:30


Mt. Batur
Mt. Batur
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