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Journey to Bali Aga

young men in sacred Pakerisan River

Journey to Bali Aga

Rewind the clock as you peel back the modernity of Bali to discover Penjeng region, famous for its magnificent architectural history. Following the Pakerisan river, learn more about how Gunung Temple is widely considered as the site where the Warmadewa Dynasty was laid to rest.

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Where temples stand the test of time

Visit Gunung Kawi Temple, a collection of ancient shrines carved into the face of a rock cliff in central Bali. The main site overlooks the sacred Pakerisan River, which also flows by the Tirta Empul Temple. Afterwards, visit the indigenous Village of Penglipuran, where you will enjoy a feast at Kintamani Restaurant.

Location: Gunung Kawi Temple
Duration: 7 hours
Full day experience
Lunch included in the experience
Time: 09:00 - 16:00


Gunung Kawi Temple
Gunung Kawi Temple
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