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The Remnant of Ancient Tradition (Perang Pandan)

two balinese women and one elderly balinese man in traditional clothing

The Remnant of Ancient Tradition (Perang Pandan)

Discover the original inhabitants of Bali, the Bali Aga, and their traditional way of life through ancient purification ceremonies paving the right of passage for young men.

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Bali yesterday, today

Meander through the Village of Tenganan as you discover the way of life of Bali's original inhabitants. Untouched and uninfluenced architecture stands firm in the ground, and so do the cultures and traditions of the Bali Mula. Revel in eye-opening personal encounters of how the founders of Bali lived.

Location: Tenganan Village - Karangasem
Duration: 7 hours
When: June 2022
Full day experience
Lunch included in the experience
Time: 10:00 - 17:00

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Tenganan Pegeringsingan Village
Tenganan Pegeringsingan Village
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