About Escape | Buahan - A Banyan Tree Escape

Our Origins

Escape was born as the purest form of Banyan Tree, focusing on its roots and origins. A space that allows guests to immerse themselves in the destination, its nature, community, traditions, culture, and festivities.

Banyan Tree Escape invites guests to rediscover themselves, others, and nature through authentic experiences with a "no walls, no doors" concept, allowing to reduce borders with the community and nature.

Our Belief

The core of every Banyan Tree Escape is the freedom to authenticity and purely be. We believe that by stripping it all down, we are able to build up stronger and better. We are passionate about indulging in life, being present in each moment, discovering and connecting with others to leave a mark and inspire a new way of being.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to immerse guests in intricate discovery journeys in a place where time takes a different course and where communities and environment come together in a perfect symbiosis, allowing you to feel instead of getting told.

Discovery Journey


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To kindle renewed conversations of meaning and purpose. Layers intersect in unobtrusive ways to uncover what is beneath the surface. By peeling back on these layers, we want to unearth the stories for our guests while they, too, create their own.

The Site

Banyan Tree Escape focuses on selecting distinctive sites surrounded by nature in remote yet secluded environments while conducting preliminary impact studies and research on the uniqueness of local culture and traditions.

Escape Creation

The Escapist retreat concept extends the connection with the surroundings, immersing guests into personal discovery of culture, traditions and adventure.

Discovery Calendar

The Discovery Calendar is an on and off-site experiences program happening at a particular time of the day, week, month or year. Our full range of experiences emphasizes learning and tapping on the richness of indigenous resources from each destination to offer guests a sense of place and culture.