Wellbeing | Buahan - A Banyan Tree Escape

Spa experiences, the Banyan Tree way

Rooted in decades of wellness practice perfected by our parent brand Banyan Tree and its lauded approach to wellbeing, we offer our own spa interpretation with treatments inspired by local practices and performed with organic and locally sourced ingredients.

metal bowl dipped in water

Perfected wellness treatments through years of practice by our parent brand, Banyan Tree.

Where nature rhymes with wellbeing

Toja Spa, named after the word for "water" in Indonesian, is our open-air Spa concept designed to nourish your connection with nature.

waterfalls from forested cliff

Harnessing the riches of the island


Signature Treatment: Buahan Bliss

We harnessed the riches of the island and local wisdom to create this signature experience. The first step is the application of a natural earthy brush to gently exfoliate the skin. Next is a stimulating massage inspired by the flowing streams of sacred rivers to improve one's circulatory channels. A final warming wrap using local herbs and spices complete the restorative experience.

  • Dry body brush
  • Stimulating massage
  • Detox body wrap