Culinary | Buahan - A Banyan Tree Escape

Welcome to the heart of Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

At the centre of our resort, the Open Kitchen and the Botanist Bar celebrate our vision of communal living and eating spaces. Diving into the depths of Balinese cuisine and culture, they strive to connect you to a forgotten world.

cooking pit overlooking forest

Welcome to the heart of Buahan


The Open Kitchen

Discover the taste of Buahan with our zero-waste menu concept developed in collaboration with Agency X, a local consultant that runs a food laboratory and testing kitchen focused on local cuisine. Predominantly plant-based, our menu sets out to rediscover the forgotten flavours of Bali.

wooden table and two chairs overlooking rice paddies

From the soils of Buahan


The Botanist Bar

Making use of freshly picked herbs and botanicals from our resort garden, our bar celebrates a deep dive into house-made kombuchas, sodas, local ciders and local beers. Our unique infused drinks span a range of cocktails and mocktails designed to excite your tastebuds.